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  • An incubator and fan-base in Dubai for creative and ambitious people to connect, collaborate and create.
  • An online hub for startups and small businesses to network, connect with mentors, share and learn knowledge and experience.
  • Creative event space, meeting rooms and café.
  • Physically located in Al Quoz-1 Dubai, UAE.
  • Virtually located HERE

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The Cribb Online

Where we help you to connect with mentors, meet potential partners, list your startup, find a service provider, hire a developer and access our knowledge center. Also, we host webcasts and invite speakers who have interesting ideas to share about business and technology.

Our mission is to support startups everywhere.

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It is a practice where a large firm takes an equity stake in (or enters into a joint venture arrangement with) a small but innovative or specialist firm, to which it may also provide management and marketing expertise. The objective is to gain a specific competitive advantage.

CVC weaves innovation and venturing into the fabric of corporate and government organizations’ to help them stay relevant and grow. Our offerings play a critical role in addressing your organization’s difficult economic environment and employment needs.

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Work Spaces for Startups

Grab@The Cribb

Grab@The Cribb

Free access. Yes, Free. Come join us for Nespresso coffee, snacks, some lunch or dinner in the Cantina. Use our Internet, and get it all done here. Join one of our public events too!

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More@The Cribb

More@The Cribb

Startups and entrepreneurs who need a place to call home, get More@The Cribb. Includes a dedicated desk, meeting room time, ability to host free events in our spaces, access to sponsored events, and resources including mentorship, media-marketing, technical and educational services.

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Upcoming Events

Intellectual Property Protection - Venture Café Talks for Startups

6 March @ 8:30 AM Dubai Time (UTC+4)