7 Deadly Office Sins
  • 8 April

7 Deadly Office Sins

We all understand the seven deadly sins, Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy and Pride, are practices that are sometimes best avoided in our lifestyle. however, what are the "7 Deadly Sins of the Workplace" and how can committing these "sins" have an effect on your career? Here they are:

Lust: Desperately wanting a coworker's job

A little ambition is healthy, but obsessing over a specific position or worse, covering your coworker's job, can seriously hurt your career. This kind of obsession can damage your relationship with not only the coworker whose job you are after but other coworkers who might feel threatened by this behavior. Even more important is the possibility that by focusing on a particular position you might miss out on other opportunities for advancement that might be even more advantageous.

Gluttony: Not knowing how to delegate or when to ask for help

It may seem like a good idea to play the hero. After all the more important tasks you undertake the more valuable you will seem to your superiors, right? Not always. If those tasks are not done correctly, or on time, this kind of behavior can be very damaging. Learn how to share the work with others and to admit when you have taken on too much.

Greed: Not giving credit to the contributions of your coworkers

It may be tempting to make yourself seem more valuable to your employers by downplaying the contributions of others as compared to your own achievements, but remember that you will need help on future projects. Those who have witnessed or heard about your past behavior might be less eager to give you their all in the future.

Sloth: Being unprepared or not doing your research

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. When you are unprepared to do your job you will bring your whole team down.

Wrath: Losing your temper in the office

Everyone gets angry in the office from time to time. What matters is how an individual deal with that anger. When someone pushes your buttons to take a minute to think about the situation. Venting right away may make you feel better, but it can be very damaging.

Envy: Getting angry when coworkers are recognized for their achievements

Everyone can get jealous. A little jealousy can push you to work harder, but too much jealousy can cause a person to sabotage the overall success of their company. Remember your coworkers are part of your team. An achievement by one should be a win for everyone.

Pride: Over-promising so much that you work long hours and/or miss deadlines

While it is a good idea to give your all in the work you do, it is essential to know your own limits. When you promise more than you can deliver you will either deliver poor quality work or miss your deadlines.

Did one of your pet peeves make it to this list? If Yes, it’s time to change!


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