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The Cribb provides a full range of cost-effective support services and customised resources designed to help you focus on what matters most-growing your business or innovation project.


From Idea to a Functional Wireframe

From Idea to a Functional Wireframe

Every long journey begins with a single step. You've got to start somewhere. Wireframing is the equivalent of sketching your idea on a notebook, except we can make it click—literally.

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Develop Minimal Viable Product

Develop Minimal Viable Product

Sketches are ready. Mockups are functional. Idea is fully fleshed out. Now we're ready to build your product and operate it. Our work will not end only by doing the development, but we consider the next step, like launching, operating, and supporting.

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Whether you require assistance in app development, creative services, IT support, media or digital services we can accommodate your startups needs with a comprehensive menu of support services: ready to make your administrative tasks as well as more complex projects for efficient.


We start by exploring your business model and understanding your idea and your passion. Your app needs to communicate that clearly. Your idea moves from your head into a piece of paper.


A mockup is a simulation of your application that can be played around with as if it's the real thing. You can print the mockup, modify it, send it to your own team members for review.


The colors, fonts and styles set the general tone for your end product, and it depends on your target audience. We can range from fun and casual to serious and business-like.


We convert a visual vision into working software. The beautiful UI you've designed, the carefully-planned interaction, the subtle animations are all part of our implementation details.


When your software is ready, we hand it over to a team with a diverse cultural and technical background. The purpose to make sure we find any problems before the application goes live.


We work with you on launching your program, upload it to any relevant app stores, and hand you over the keys.

Does your business have a unique requirement that we haven’t yet addressed? At The Cribb, our services are continually evolving to accommodate your needs, and our staff works in tandem with you to identify areas where we can provide assistance. Please let us know what we can do for you today!